Design for people and for the environment

Our vision is ecosystemic: we believe that people and the environment are inseparable and interconnected, because the change of one affects the other. For us, making social innovation through design means responding to the needs of the community and, at the same time, having a positive impact on the planet.

Our method adapts to the scenario in which the requested service takes place: we activate the most effective and sustainable skills each time to enhance the relational aspects, resources and physical and social elements available to the customers.

We practice a user and community-centered approach to involve people in co-design practices and to facilitate the active participation of communities in the design process. Thus, we are sure that the identified design solutions can satisfy the initial need in a concrete way.

Our superpower is the double diamond technique and its four phases:

exploration of the problem and resources
identification of project opportunities
generation of ideas to bring innovation
development of the most promising solutions

We practice and offer customers environmentally friendly choices and we collaborate with ETS and PA to develop social inclusion projects, for the benefit of weak or underrepresented segments of the population such as minors, the elderly, the disabled, young job seekers, foreigners and women.